mariana d'orey veiga


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Let's get to know each other, shall we?

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and have lived in Paris and Spain. I am a graduate of The New School, where I completed a double degree in Liberal Arts and Interior Design.  

I now live in New York City, a place that constantly challenges and inspires me, and helps me develop and refine my ‘eye’. Living in such a diverse and open city here has enabled me to take specialist courses in ceramics; furniture design; wood work for furniture design; upholstery; collectible design; and art history, which provide me with the technical skills to complement my creativity.

Inherent in my approach is “living life well”, and a core part of this philosophy is making the most of our spaces, whether shared or private. It is important to me that my clients are passionate about, and connect with, the spaces that we create together, this section should really be “about us” because I view my relationship with them as a partnership in which I get to understand their needs and desires, and what features or elements will result in a house becoming a home but nevertheless a fabulous space.

My definition of luxury is one that combines aesthetic richness with comfort. You have to enjoy living within a space as well as love the aesthetic, and my approach is centered on the belief that comfort and convenience can achieved without compromising on design, quality, and looks.  

I have an appreciation for pattern, texture and color and like to combine this with classic and traditional pieces to create unique tailored spaces for each client. I am inspired by my travels and am forever curious to learn from other cultures bringing and incorporate new elements into my own design aesthetic.

The difference between a good space and a great space is a fresh and energetic decor with strong attention to detail and finishing that aims for perfection yet understands that in the flaws lie the personality. 

I would love to hear it from you. For project inquiries or questions, please email me at or through the icon below.